What is the wallet?

The wallet is the place from which you can send/ receive/ store your digital currencies within the Cartam App.

On the cartam wallet, the user is the only owner of his private keys; they own their digital currencies.

It means that your digital currencies are locally stored on your device’s hardware. Users can also back up funds home into their ledger or hardware/cold storage in one click.

What is the assistant?

The assistant is a program designed to simplify the transaction process by guiding the users through simple steps to set up and complete a transaction.

What is the map?

The Map is the home of the entire ecosystem. From the map, users can explore, connect, trade and transact with each other easily and safely.

Can I send cryptocurrency to a friend?

At the 1st release of the application, users can use their in-app wallet to send/store and receive digital currencies.

Can I buy an item on Cartam?

At its first release, Cartam is offering three different services.

The first one is the Map on which you can find other users to trade with or visualize local businesses accepting cryptocurrencies as a paiement.

In seconde, you have the Wallet which allows users to locally store on their phone, check their balance and send/receive digital currencies.

Finally there is the Transaction assistant, a Magna Numeris innovation, it is a new way to set up transaction details; a program that will help and guide the user and simplify the transaction process. All those features are giving the possibility to an user to buy items sold by other users.

Can I buy Ethereum with Cartam?

Cartam does not directly sell ETH to its users, but by using Cartam, you can see if another user is willing to sell ETH for cash.

Can I buy bitcoin with Cartam?

Cartam does not directly sell Bitcoin to its users, but by using Cartam, you can see if another user is willing to sell digital currencies for cash.

What can I do with Cartam?

Cartam provides a set of services on the mobile app that are designed to connect users, guide them through the process of transacting and facilitating face to face meetings to complete the trade.

What is Cartam?

Cartam is a native IOS (soon) and Android App; merging the sharing economy with Distributed Ledger Technology to create a P2P marketplace platform.

Users can safely trade goods and digital currencies.

The map also displays local crypto friendly shops in the user’s area.

How does Cartam plan to gain adoption?

Adoption is the most critical part of our strategy.

We will rely on a high-quality product to first build a community of tech-friendly users and then gradually increase our marketing actions and use enhanced customer experience analysis to operate Cartam in several countries to target more users.

Along with the geographical expansion, Magna Numeris will implement new functionalities into the Cartam app that will reach new kinds of users.